USE all of Your Company's Products and Services. See the Results for Yourself so that You are Completely Convinced they work. In short, become a Product of the Product. You are the Best advertisement for Your Business in the world... When You're Belief level is high and Your Passion and Enthusiasm for Your Company and the Benefits Your Products offer people, You are Unshakable... Unstoppable....

RECOMMEND the Products to other people. When you are Passionate and Enthusiastic about something You tell other people about it. It's natural and it's easy. You do it every day. Sharing the Benefits and Value that You've gotten with Your Products is "where the rubber meets the road" in Your Business. This is the "Direct Sales" aspect of Your Business and it is the basis of You (and Your People) earning income.

SPONSOR Business Partners as Independent Representatives in Your Network Organization. Bringing people into Partnership with You and adds the powerful dimension of LEVERAGE to Your Business where You earn income by Teaching and Training Your Business Partners to Be Successful.

To BE SUCCESSFUL in Network Marketing You don't have to do a lot. You simply have to have Your People each doing a little. SPONSORING is the key to Building a Network Marketing Business and Enjoying the Lasting Benefits of Leverage and the Residual Income that comes with it.