HABITS ARE A FACT OF LIFE AND WORK. There are bad habits - ones that undermine and disable you, and there are supportive ones - habits that empower you and assure ongoing positive action and achievement. Following is a list of eight habits you can do every day. They're not the only ones, but they're proven practices that will contribute to success in your Network Marketing Sales business-and in your life.

"Notice when you're thinking about your answer instead of listening-stop, focus on what the other person is saying, and ask more questions."


Successful people in all walks of life and work not only have goals, they also write them down and review them daily. Making written goals keeps the "why" of the business up in front of your face. Written goals assist in keeping you focused, help you get through difficult times, and are more "real" and concrete than dreams in thought.

Knowing where you want to go transforms a "Sunday drive" into a purposeful journey. It is the key to creating success by design-the design you want-and not by luck or accident.