Article by Brian Klemmer about Scott Pullan's upcoming webinar

There are five birds sitting on a tree limb. Three of the birds decide to fly off. How many birds are there left on the limb?

I say there are still five, because the decision to fly off is very different from the action of flying off! How many people do you have in your downline that made a decision to do this business, yet still have not sponsored anyone?

People simply do not do what they are told. If they did, duplication would not be the problem it is in Network Marketing. You would simply have a top income earner say, "This is how you do the business," and everyone would run out and be successful. In fact, that's the limit of many companies' training programs.

People do not do what they know is good for them. People know they have to be organized, pick up the phone, talk to people. People only act--and thus produce results--in accordance with their fundamental beliefs about life. These beliefs include who they think they are, how they think life works, what they view responsibility to be, and all their assumptions around commitment, communication, loyalty, etc.

Until a person's fundamental viewpoints shift, working with them puts you in the realm of motivation. Motivation is good as a short-term fix, but it always wears off sooner or later--usually sooner. That's why for long-term change you want to do an inside out approach that truly alters how you view things...