Success in Network Marketing depends on a distributor really getting a number of key distinctions. These distinctions go far beyond mere information, training and sales techniques. The truly successful Networker actually becomes these distinctions. Let me explain.

The vast majority of sales techniques and selling knowledge used in the direct sales industry was developed in the "product-oriented" space age of the Fifties and Sixties. The focus was on product: good products, new products, revolutionary products! Selling such products was simply a matter of convincing your prospect of their value after explaining all of their benefits.

This simple show and tell technique worked great in the industrial age and still has its applications in certain markets and instances. However, unlike the product-oriented past, we now live in a people-oriented society. This is where Network Marketing comes into play.

Network Marketing is about people. Sure, there have to be great products; there usually are. Sure, they need to enhance the quality of life for those purchasing them; they usually do. But there's more.

Network Marketing is about people gaining control of their lives, following their dreams, living their values and supporting other people to do the same.

That's why typical "sales people" usually fail miserably in Network Marketing. They're so indoctrinated in product that they lose sight of the fact that this is a people business. That's why so many distributors never really make it. Their focus is in the wrong place: either on product or on making themselves a lot of money-- both of which are relatively unimportant to everyone else in the world.

Network Marketing is about relationships. Period.