If you're going to become a Network Marketing millionaire, you must attract champions into your organization. Champions are found, not made. All they know how to do is win. Don't waste time trying to turn Charlie Brown into Superman. Superman will continue to win and Charlie Brown will likely always be a blockhead. Let the $100K-a-month MLM gurus save the blockheads for now while you concentrate on attracting champions into your organization.

You can recognize champions instantly because they radiate success. It screams at you the second you meet them. I remember the first time I met Bjorn Borg in 1976. At the time, he was the number one tennis player in the world. We were playing an exhibition match in Chicago and he was running late. He finally showed up and humbly said, "I'm sorry I'm so late." Here's a five-time Wimbledon Champion apologizing to me - a ham-n-egger with a lousy backhand! We talked for a few minutes before going on the court and I remember thinking, "This guy has a championship presence." Twenty years later, I did a TV show with him and felt the same magic. This is the effect that champions have on us. I've spent most of my life competing against or coaching superstars and I've discovered the reason they're champions: Confidence. Quite simply, they expect to win. Why? Because they usually do!