The competition is fierce! Only about one in five are invited back for a second interview. Successful candidates continue the process for another five or six interviews. This is followed by a probationary period during which the candidate must demonstrate his ability to successfully move product. The prize? Earnings of $100,000 a year within 12 months.

Does this sound like the interview process for a job as an IBM corporate executive? It could be, but it's the process that I've used to successfully build the most dynamic sales organization in the Network Marketing company I represent.

Successful duplication of this process has created more million-dollar earners, more high pin levels (based on earnings), more full-time distributors, and a higher revenue base for the company in a shorter period of time than any of my peers. I don't believe this is about me; I believe it's about posture. It's about teaching leadership and instilling the belief that we have the "cookie" and don't need to beg people to come into our program.