Up for some "heady" stuff about teams in Network marketing? Then read on. Chris Majer is a leading-edge consultant in organizational development and team-building. What he has to say about teamsand their leadership-- in this "think piece" may fly in the face of what you know about creating Networking organizations. Fly away. I predict Chris' approach will find its way into some of the fastest growing, biggest Network Marketing teams of the future. --JMF

The business world of today is changing at an astonishing rate. In a historical flash, we have seen companies re-engineered, flattened and re-deployed. We've witnessed the push for total quality, empowerment or one of the other cure-alls that seem to spring up annually.

The result of these collective efforts is that hundreds of thousands of jobs have been eliminated, layers of management have been removed, and people at all organizational levels have been called upon to take new initiatives and additional responsibilities. It now seems as if larger historical, technological and economic forces are at work, and the very idea of the "job" is on its way to the organizational dustbin.

The global economy is now a reality. What was once the friendly development of technology has become an explosion of new changes impossible to keep pace with. In short, the game of business we grew up with is gone and a new game has taken its place. Network Marketing is one such new game. And...

The New Game Is a Team Sport

One of my fundamental claims is that the new game of business requires a new set of skills. Foremost among these is the capacity to coordinate individuals as teams. Everywhere you turn today there is a new claim being made about the importance of teams, yet the question remains: How do we create and lead more effective teams?