When we hear . . . we forget

When we see . . . we're more likely to remember

When we do . . . we understand!

Games are infinitely valuable for transforming your Network Marketing organization into a Network Marketing team. Over the years, I have come to view the "blind date" game as one of the most valuable exercises you could ever experience because we are almost always in a state of either being guides or blindfolded.

When we work with prospects, teammates, or family members, we are often seeking to be great guides. We want to help them because we have more experience or knowledge in a particular area. They are somewhat "blindfolded" because they do not have much experience.

At other times, it is just the opposite. We need to be guided because often the greatest obstacle to discovering the truth is the belief that we already know it. The principles of being present, trusting, asking instead of telling, turning up our alertness, serving, and responsibility are enormously important elements in building great teams. This game helps you bring these ideas to life in 30 minutes of fun and awakening that can save you months of struggle!