Do you feel overwhelmed and burnt out trying to keep your entire downline in action? Do you have people in your team with the potential to be great business builders, but you can't seem to get them out of the gate? Are some of your best people "stalling out" and giving up on the business altogether?

"Coaching" is helping Network Marketing professionals accelerate their businesses and put the spark back in their teams! As a professional coach, I work with entrepreneurs and leaders in Network Marketing companies to support them in building their business, developing their team, and creating a more balanced and effortless life. Together we partner up to create goals and game plans, meet for weekly teleconferences to check in, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions. It is an exciting and fulfilling role, and I feel humbled to be a small part of the many successes that my clients have created through our coaching relationship.

Most exciting of all for me is the coaching I do with leaders in Network Marketing - to teach and coach them to become coaches themselves and to help create a "coaching system" to support their own organizations. These leaders are leveraging themselves and duplicating success throughout their downline. They are learning coaching skills that bring out the best in their people and creating a system that keeps their team in action and accountable to their goals.