"'Where do you live?' is a simple, safe, always easy-to-ask question to get conversations started," said The Greatest Networker. "Even if the person you're speaking with is unhappy with where he or she lives for whatever reason, you can easily turn the conversation positively by asking where she or he really wants to live, and what would it be like there, what kind of house, neighborhood. My goal here," he told us pointedly, "is to get into a relationship with you. That's my agenda-- and, it's my only agenda.

"You see, I know that if I simply get into a relationship with someone new every day... if I just start one new relationship every day, five days a week, in one year, I will have a thriving Network Marketing organization.

"Let's say I work, what? 44 weeks a year-- two months off for reasonably good behavior," he smiled. "That's 44 weeks times five days per week with one new relationship each day, which is... " he paused, adding aside, "higher math was never my strong point."

"220," shouted someone from the audience.

"Thank you!" The Greatest Networker shouted back. "Who says engineers don't get into Network Marketing." And we all laughed.

"220 people in the year. 220 new relationships. Now, you just know I'm going to have, what-- say, ten percent of those relationships grow into partnerships?" he asked us. "No, probably more. I'm charming and smart enough to have 15 percent of them come in the business with me," he smiled.

"How many's that, my engineering friend?" he asked the voice from before.

"33," came the reply, "Not an engineer. Accountant," said the voice.

"Cool," The Greatest Networker responded. "What's your name?" he asked, searching the room.

"Vince," said a thirty-something man in a good-looking suit and tie as he stood up in response.

"Thanks, Vince. Now I've made 220 new relationships in a year-- any retail customers there?" he asked, and looked around the room. "And 33 new friendships that have become business partners.