We all know how important listening is in the sponsoring process, but few people even know what it really means to listen. Here is a simple, fun exercise you can try with your group to drive home the point that just because we are hearing does not mean we are listening.

Tell your group you are going to give them a test. Do not tell them what it is about. There are four questions. In order to make it interesting, there is going to be a little wager on the test. You will buy lunch for anyone who gets all four questions correct. Anyone who gets all four wrong must buy you lunch. In order to be fair, you will be giving two very easy questions and two hard questions. Who wants to play?

Keep enticing them to play by making it fun and letting them know that only rarely does anyone get all four wrong. If someone still won't play, you can make the point that perhaps they are approaching life and their business with a not-to-lose strategy versus a maximum gain strategy. That is a common reason why people are unsuccessful in relationships and finances, as well as in a Network Marketing business. Those who have done our Personal Mastery seminars know that it is your subconscious thinking that creates your results in life. While keeping it light, you can be thought provoking. It is a great way to create change.