I laid there in bed staring at my ceiling as my wife cried herself to sleep, almost in a state of shock at where my life had ended up. Everything was gone, and the one thing I seemed to be succeeding at was hurting everyone around me.

"How the hell did I end up here?" was the only thought crossing my mind.

Rewind seven months and I am speaking to over 2,000 of my peers at The Mortgage Planners Summit in Las Vegas. I was sharing the stage with Tony Robbins, who just happened to be one of my personal heroes in the world of speaking.

My presentation, The Mindset of an Investor, brought the house down with thunderous applause and cheers. As I worked my way off the back of the stage I can clearly remember thinking, "I have finally arrived."

My life experience at that moment felt like a drug. I was high 24/7 off of my own arrogant assumption that I was on my way to the top, wherever that is. But like any artificial high, it was about to come crashing down...