I often say that the word "networking" is a misunderstood word. It means many things to all of us. I look at the word as three-pronged:

  1. Sometimes it is structured and strategic when you are going to an event, hosting a party or working with your downline and prospects at any group together.
  2. Often networking is serendipitous—you can connect with someone anywhere, anytime in life who could be someone interested in getting into your business and learning about the opportunity. Most of the great networking happens for me this way and I call it turning "serendipitous accidents into unbelievable opportunities."
  3. It can be unconscious—we are engaging in the process of building relationships and alliances and we just don’t call it networking—yet it is—the "small world" effect or "a friend put me in touch with someone and then the following happened…."

Networking is many things to all of us. We engage in the process to build and develop our teams and downlines and we have many...