Two and a half millennia ago a system of thought became popularized because the most unlikely of all leaders adopted it and spent his life teaching its value to others.

What made the body of thought so sensational was the simple fact that the young man who proposed it actually renounced a life of pleasure and luxury which was already his by birthright.

Instead of kicking back and enjoying a life of power and wealth, this young man gave up his prosperity and began a lecture tour which emphasized the fulfillment of effort rather than the end result. While he never denounced material prosperity and in fact advanced success as a worthy objective, he was essentially concerned with the process itself. The essence of his teaching was focus on the "now."

What makes The Lotus Code so relevant in today’s world is the fact that fragmentation and distractions have led so many people astray. The "multi-tasking" battle cry of technology has led millions of people to conclude that by dividing their thinking and multiplying their focus, they can achieve personal prosperity and therefore, fulfillment.

People pride themselves in activities which involve...