Sometimes you have to address the “elephant in the room” before you can move forward in your business. Of course, the elephant no one can get away from right now is the economy. The exciting news is, if you are smart you’ll use the economy as a way to get better results from your direct selling business.

There is always two ways to look at every situation. You can think, “This is awful, this economy is going to kill my business.” Or you can be thinking, “Wow, how can I help people who are having difficulties right now?” Once you begin to look for solutions instead of problems you will see your business explode.

Every negative thought and reaction will create negative results. Continually focusing on what’s wrong will prevent you from finding constructive ways to grow your business. Sometimes, it really is as easy as looking at a glass as half-empty or half-full.

What’s your natural instinct in challenging situations? Are you pessimistic about what is happening, feeling frustrated because things are out of control? Are you optimistic that you can still get the results you want from your business but realistic in knowing you will have to implement some different strategies and tactics to improve results?