(Excerpted from Chapter 5 of the Forensic Networker book)

In order to understand the concept of Forensic Networker, first you have to understand the constant changes in network marketing. I have seen the industry evolve tremendously since 1990 when MLM became my part-time profession.

Sadly there are way too many people in the MLM industry and not enough people in the MLM profession and there is a distinct difference. Being in the MLM industry is like joining a social club that doesnít require the participants to learn or become good at what they are involved in. However people generally donít want to be known as being unprofessional in their profession and are constantly seeking the latest information to keep up with the advancements of their trade and changes in their market.

One challenge our industry faces today is that most trainers have not kept up with the changes of network marketing. Can you imagine if car commercials today were the same as the car commercials back when model T Ford was created in 1905? Absurd, isnít it? Yet in our profession we continue the same old inefficient marketing and prospecting techniques.

There was a time that you could hype your prospect in to joining your company with pure excitement. Not anymore. Although people today are far more interested than ever in creating residual income and having a home business, there are many options for the seeking entrepreneur to choose from.

In order to be a successful prospector, you must understand why your prospects accept or donít accept your product or business opportunity. There are three vital steps you can take that separate the 1 percent who earns millions from the 99 percent who have moderate to low success in their prospecting efforts.

The three vital steps are...