In 1994 I set up my first website, It is what is commonly called today a "catalog" site. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I violated virtually every rule of online marketing, but that site produced over $100,000 in sales the first year and it has never done less.

The one thing I did do correctly was add a monthly "No-Fluff MLM Marketing" e-zine that visitors could subscribe to. Sometime in 1996 I ran across the Inside Secrets to Marketing on the Internet Course by the late Corey Rudl.

I thought it was awesome, so I included information about the course in my monthly e-zine. 30 days later I received a call from Corey's office telling me I had set a record for the highest affiliate sales in one month in the history of the company and they were sending me a check for $17,000.00.

I am slow, and at that point I still didn't get it. It took over two years before I ever sent out another promotional email. I built that list to over 90,000 subscribers and had a partner erase the entire data base. Experts tell us that you should earn about $1.00 per month per e-zine subscriber—"Ouch!"

I could go on and on with the success and failure I have experienced online over the past 15 years, however let me share a concept with you that I know can make a powerful impact on your business right now.

The number one mistake I see network marketers making right now, is they are sending traffic to the wrong kind of website. I am still shocked at the number of distributors who pay good money to create website traffic and then send those visitors to a corporate self-replicated site.

Understand there are basically a handful of website development companies that provide...