Well, it happened again today. I got a message from a friend I havenít heard from in a couple years who wants to catch up. So I call him back and what does he really want? To ask me if I want to join his new MLM program. (Sigh.)

You have to wonder...will these people ever learn?

I often ask these people if they donít remember that I am already in a network marketing companyóthe same one they were in and never did anything with. Inevitably they ask if Iím still in it.

"Um, yeah," I reply. " made about $150,000 last month, so Iím kind of satisfied with it."

Then they usually sheepishly ask if I would give them the names and phone numbers of my friends or family who could buy their products. (Double sigh.)

Itís much like the calls I get at my office. They tell Lornette that they have an urgent consulting or training project, and must speak to me right away. I call them back, only to hear something like, "Hi, Randy, my name is so-and-so. We met a few years ago at the MLMIA convention. (Iíve never been to an MLMIA Convention.) Iím working with XYZ Company, and I just wanted to touch base with you and blah, blah, blah..."

And itís always the same. The "consulting project" or "business venture" they want...