Using the Internet to gain exposure, position yourself, attract and maintain new business has never been easier. Thanks to the continued growth of the Internet, especially the explosive growth of new social media web sites, you can build relationships with people around the globe. You can share your passions and add value to the global community of the Internet by sharing what you know and what you're learning.

Social media is not some new system merely for driving traffic to a landing page. It represents a collection of tools and resources which have been created to bring people together online. Collectively, this "new media" is known as Web 2.0. It doesn't replace, but rather adds to the existing capabilities of the Internet.

The number and variety of online social media sites already available is vast and growing almost daily. Joining and connecting with the people on only a handful of these sites can connect you to a bounty of people. No matter which of the many social media sites you use, there is one ingredient that is so important; to leave it out is like pulling out of the driveway without tires.

That essential ingredient of your online presence is you.

Also known as your personal brand, your presence online leaves an impression for others to...