Michelle and her husband, Dan, planned to attend their uplines holiday party. It was their first year attending, and they were looking forward to making the best impression.

Unfortunately, they made some poor choices...

First, they did not RSVP. The host was forced to bring in additional seating to accommodate them.

Next, instead of selecting a Networking Times Holiday Gift they decided to bring a bottle of wine; however, they did not realize that the host and his wife abstained due to their religious beliefs.

At the end of the evening, Dan ended up having too much to drink, and accidentally spilled red wine on the carpet. This further damaged Michelle and Danís reputation with their business associates.

The key to success when attending any business function, event or party is preparation and planning. A Holiday party may be the ideal opportunity to meet someone who can help you in your business, so take advantage.

Here are some simple etiquette guidelines to follow...