Running out of leads is one of the biggest challenges I hear from network marketers.

   There is no such thing as a lead problem. If you don't have enough leads, it is an idea problem.

   While many people feel they do not have enough leads, most have never set a lead inventory goal. To run an effective network marketing campaign, you need a minimum of 200 leads in inventory at all times. If you don't currently have 200 leads you can contact, set a goal to get 200 leads in the next thirty days. Goals act like magnets. You will begin to attract those 200 leads.

   Here is one reason why you need a minimum of 200 leads: if you have few leads, then there is a good possibility that you will procrastinate on making your calls. Let's say you have just thirty-seven leads to contact: you will tend to put off calling them, because those thirty-seven leads represent hope. If you contact all thirty-seven and no one is interested, then you have lost your hope. But if you have 200 leads, this will put you...