While I was observing a recent opportunity meeting, I noted three things about the presentation that could be called "resistance creators."

Could you be doing something similar without realizing it?

First, the presenter included justifying statements such as "Network marketing isn't what you think it is" and "It's not a pyramid scheme." He proceeded to explain what he thought it was and why it wasn't a pyramid scheme.

He then continued to overcome some of the "perceived objections" that people supposedly have about network marketing, such as its legality, etc.

The presentation also made comparing statements that included how the company "has the best products... is the number one company in its field... has the best compensation plan... etc."

At the end of this, one of the guests turned to me and said, "I didn't think there was anything illegal about network marketing? And what's a pyramid scheme?"

"Also" He added, "I didn't know there were other companies doing the same thing. I'd like to check them out."

I later discovered...