Here is a sad rule of life that all network marketers must accept:

"Most people resist change in their life."

You will find this out quickly in MLM.


Mainly, when change has entered a person's life in the past, it usually came in the form of a loss, not a gain.

It carried with it pain, not pleasure, so most people equate change to something negative instead of something positive.

Change then becomes "chains" that people carry around with them.

Most prospects you meet are:
   -  chained to their past,
   -  chained to how things are,
   -  chained to fears,
   -  chained to doubts,
   -  chained to insecurities,
   -  chained to other people's opinions,
   -  chained to other people's patterns of life,
   -  chained to other people's beliefs.

Chains are much too heavy to carry around with you, especially in network marketing.

Most people have a tendency...