The Home Party Plan business is still booming! As new companies form each year consultants struggle to get their share of the bookings. Are you one of the consultants who struggle for bookings or do bookings fall into your lap? Getting bookings from your parties is easier than you think, however, it may require a change in your thinking.

When you began your Direct Selling business you probably began like most consultants by begging your friends and family to help you get started. Feeling insecure about yourself, you went and did the parties and may have gotten a few bookings but not enough to replace all of the parties you held.

You might have found yourself at a dead end and had to begin again by calling more prospects for new bookings only to repeat the cycle. Most consultants, even top sellers find themselves in an occasional dry spell, however, if you are continually calling to drum up new business you may want to analyze your presentation style. Cold calling for bookings should be used for increasing your percentage of parties, not as the main way to keep your business alive.

At every party you hold you have an average of five to ten guests in attendance. Are you booking at least one third of the guests in attendance or do all or most of the guests leave without booking a party? Do you really know how to hold a successful party?