As part of our Webinar series offered by the Association for Network Marketing Professionals called Conversations with the Masters, ANMP President Garrett McGrath will conduct a 45-minute live interview with Master Networker Mark Yarnell followed by a 15-min live Q&A where you will be able to ask your question directly to this living legend of network marketing. Sign up TODAY for this exclusive Webinar.

Mark Yarnell is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, and international businessman with more than three decades of network marketing experience.

After building a gigantic organization in the mid-eighties, the minister-turned-networker became one of the best known and most passionate advocates for the profession. With Dr. Charles King, he cocreated the first certification course in network marketing, taught at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and in Seoul, Korea. His bestselling book Your First Year in Network Marketing, published in thirteen languages, is considered a veritable bible of the profession.

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