(Excerpted from Karen Phelps’s Ultimate Direct Selling Guide)

You can help your new recruit succeed in the business when you take time to find out her goals at the interview, or when she says, “Yes, I want to become a consultant.” The sooner you find out what your new recruit’s goals are, the easier it will be for you to work with the consultant and get her moving in the right direction.

Expect Your New Recruits to Succeed

Let your new recruit know what she needs to begin working on immediately. Assign homework at the interview, and inform her right away of the things she needs to do to get her business started on the fast track to success. It’s easy to get someone to do things as long as you also remind her that your purpose is to help her to succeed and reach her goals. I used to say, “Your first thirty days are going to be both busy and exciting. You’ll be learning how to do the business and holding your first parties. I’m going to help you begin earning right away.”

It will help if you bring a calendar or datebook for the next sixty days so you can begin to enter things as you discuss them. These are a few of the things you should have your new recruit begin working on immediately.

Within forty-eight to seventy-two hours the new consultant should already have some type of training with the person who sponsored her into the business. It could be a telephone training where you review the company fast-start or quick-start guide. You want to review the simple steps to success for her first thirty days. Don’t let your new recruit go more than seventy-two hours without a phone call from you. The more contact you have with her initially, the greater her chances for success. Your job is to continually keep her moving in the direction of her goals.

Begin to inspect the homework you assigned at the interview. Are things beginning to happen or has your new recruit stalled? Has she set the open-for-business party? Does she have her list ready for the people she wants to invite? Have the invitations been mailed for the party? Has she attended one or two observation parties? When your children have homework, as a parent, you inspect and make sure they get it done. The same is true with your new recruits. You are the person giving the homework assignments. You must check to insure everything is moving forward and the assignments are being completed so she can realize the success she wants from the business.

A new consultant will be very excited and anxious, and she will probably call her sponsor or leader every day. She will have questions and concerns, especially as her first party approaches. The first six weeks in the business are crucial to a new consultant’s success. During these first six weeks, besides answering the questions she has when she calls, you will want to follow up with her after every party she holds. After the new consultant has been in the business for six or seven weeks, you’ll find she is calling you less often. You might only be talking to her once a week, and this is okay as long as she knows you are available to answer any of her questions.