(Excerpted from Karen Phelps's Ultimate Direct Selling Guide)

If you want to build your business through home parties, you must decide if you want to become an "order taker" or a "booker." An "order taker" will continually have a lack of bookings, whereas a "booker" will always have an abundance of them!

In direct sales and network marketing, there are several ways to earn money. One of them is selling your products or taking orders and earning a commission on your sales. You most likely do this very well.

However, if this is all you do, you will always be looking for creative bookings because you'll leave many parties without any. You will continually be prospecting because your booking calendar is never full.

Once you become a "booker" and you realize the great benefits for each and every hostess, it's like a light bulb turns on and you think to yourself, I've got to show these people how booking parties is in their own best interest. You quit being just an "order taker" at your parties and begin to focus on offering the opportunity to be a hostess to everyone in attendance.

Becoming a "booker" is a change in your mindset. Don't worry about whether or not there are enough people to book parties. Yes, there is an abundance of people who love to earn free and discounted products! There are many who have never had a home party before, and there are a lot who host two or more each year. There are plenty of people to book, so go ahead and book them!

You can choose to believe there are enough hostesses for everyone or you can begin your business believing there are not enough hostesses for all the consultants in your area. Your booking mentality begins when you first join the business. It can even start without your knowledge. It could begin when your brain processes a negative or positive comment your leader, sponsor, friend, or family member said when you began your direct selling business. The comments you hear at the beginning of your career begin to build your negative or positive beliefs about bookings and other aspects of your business. If someone tells you, "Bookings are hard to get," you will believe it is difficult to obtain bookings.

I'm a Fantastic Booker!

As I drove to my parties over the years I would talk to myself! If you think about it we all talk to ourselves all day long. Most of the time it isn't as positive as it should be. On the way to my parties I would say out loud or to myself, "I'm a fantastic booker. I will go to this party tonight and I will get three bookings." I planted in my mind the results I was expecting to happen. If you have negative thoughts on the way to your parties, begin today to use my booking affirmation. You will soon notice the change in your attitude and your calendar will become full with bookings.

When a consultant has more bookings than she can hold, she can share the wealth. I learned early in my career that I could have as many bookings as we want. If you believe you can have a lot of bookings, you will have a lot. This frightens some consultants, who do not want to book more parties than they are willing to hold each month. If you can book thirty parties in a month and you only want to hold eighteen, you have several choices you can make.

Booking is an attitude. Once you decide to do something, whether it's getting someone's contact information, booking parties, or reaching earnings goals, it all becomes simple as long as you believe it's possible!