Over the years I have spent a great deal of time working with addicts. What I learned has been repeatedly verified by medical research: an addiction is nothing more than a habitual behavior which results in a mental or physical condition, the withdrawal from which incurs adverse effects.

There are positive and negative addictions, and human beings are easily seduced into addictive behaviors by the reward centers in our brains. Often times the only difference between successful people and total failures is the difference between their habitual behaviors. Everybody wants to feel pleasure and everyone tends to repeat behaviors that cause chemical brain rewards. The trick is to become addicted to activities which are positive and produce meaningful outcomes. That's the basis of The Lotus Code. It's all about becoming a productive addict.

When I traded addictions back in the late 80s, it never occurred to me that earning huge incomes can be as fulfilling as drugs and alcohol. It also never occurred to me that once I applied The Lotus Code principles to wealth, I would suffer withdrawal symptoms whenever I tried to retire. Oh well, at least it's a positive addiction.

In my next webinar you'll learn how to become addicted to effort-based productivity. Trust me, you'll love your new habits so much that if you aren't making big money you may actually experience a mild bit of withdrawal anxiety.

Join me if you want to learn how to trade in negative addictions like booze or cell phones for positive ones like big money and free time.