As I write this, it is October 2009. I am going to share something with you about 10-10-10. Your life can be measurably better by October 10, 2010 or 10-10-10.

Where do want to be a year from now? What do you want to have done? What is important to you? To help you gain some clarity with your answers to those questions, let me share a few thoughts from distinction 10 in my book The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class, and something from distinction 10 in The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners and something from distinction 10 in The Top 10 Distinctions between Dream Fulfillers and Dream Killers.

Distinction 10 in The Top 10 Distinctions between Millionaires and the Middle Class is:

Millionaires think long term, the middle class thinks short term.

In this distinction I break society down into five groups of people. They are the very poor, the poor, the middle class, the rich and the very rich. Each group of people thinks very differently about money. For example, very poor people think day to day, poor people think week to week, middle class people think month to month, rich people think year to year and very rich people think decade to decade.

One of the keys to becoming financially free and building wealth is to stretch your thinking and planning further into the future. These five groups of people have three primary goals. The very poor and poor have the goal of survival, the middle class has the goal of comfort and the rich and very rich have the goal of freedom.

Seek and you will findóyou get what you look for in life. If you seek to survive, you will. If you seek to be comfortable, you will be. But if you seek freedom, you will find it. So another key is to make sure your primary goal is to create more freedom in your life.

Distinction 10 in The Top 10 Distinctions between Winners and Whiners is:

Winners take responsibility, whiners play the victim.

There are three things that you must take responsibility for to create the kind of life you want. They are your thoughts, words and actions. As a man or woman thinks, so are they, or your mentality determines your reality, or what you think about comes about.

Your thoughts are powerful and you must take responsibility for the thoughts you hold in your mind on a consistent basis. If you donít, other people will control what you think about and you will find that you are becoming and doing what others think you should instead of what you want.

There is an ancient proverb that says the power of life and death is in the tongue. In other words you have the power to create with the words you speak. If you take responsibility for your words and speak about what you like, love and want, you will find you are making progress towards your goals.

Your actions follow your thoughts and words. We end up doing the things we think about and talk about. So take responsibility for your thoughts and words and your actions will be in alignment with what you want to be, do and haveówhich is the dream that is within your heart.

Distinction 10 in The Top 10 Distinctions between Dream Fulfillers and Dream Killers is:

Dream Fulfillers are finishers, dream killer are starters.

In order to become a finisher, you must stay focused and take consistent action toward your dream. One of the things that steal our focus is distractions. Two of the simplest ways to handle distractions is by learning to say no to things that are not in alignment with your dream and consistently say yes to the things that are.

What about the distractions that you canít say no to, those things that must be given some attention? You must handle them as quickly as possible. If you allow distractions to build up on you it will lead to disappointments. Distractions and disappointments delay dreams.

If you donít learn to handle distractions and deal with disappointments you will become discouraged. Itís our responsibility to keep ourselves encouraged to keep thinking, talking and taking action in the direction of our dreams.

If you donít learn to keep yourself encouraged you will battle depression. If you find yourself depressed you must make a conscious choice to get restarted towards your dream. Restarting is the difference between goal setters and goal achievers.

We all get distracted and have disappointments and some get discouraged and battle depression often. All of these are just temporary stops for a dream fulfiller. Dream fulfillers start, stop and get restarted hundreds and even thousands of times before they see their dream fulfilled.

In the Webinar below, I will elaborate and reveal more about this distinction plus I will share the other nine! You can fulfill your dream. It is my purpose to inspire you to believe and encourage you to keep taking action. I look forward to having you on my Webinar.