The world lives by trends called "cycles"—and cycles are all about timing and energy shifts. When times of transition are upon us, it is important to read not just the outer, obvious economic and political trends, it’s imperative that we read the subtler energy trends. Why is this so important? Energy shapes action.

Millions of people from countries throughout the world are infused with enthusiasm for the new year. Individual reasons are many yet there is something larger in the air and most of us know it. This is not only the beginning of a new kind of leadership, it is an official beginning of a new moment for humanity, a great awakening for all of us—if we pay attention, if we read the energies, and if we step into it. Optimism bears fruit from enlightened action.

Examine your own response to what’s going on now. Are you worried and concerned? hopeful and optimistic? A little of all of the above? Conditioned by old world view thinking one tends to get swept up into the obviousness of the circumstances and outer chaos which can take your mind (if you let it) on a wild, frenzied ride.

However, when we “QuantumThink-It” we focus on the bigger picture, attentive to the context in which the changes are occurring. Energy trends are a form of intelligence with specific and useful information. With awakened thinking we can see beyond pundits’ and politicians’ cries of economic doom and gloom to grasp the subtleties of what this cycle of energy is guiding us to do.

Why is it so important to read the energies? Because when we look from the larger perspective we can move forward with more expansive knowledge and this means we act with confidence, conviction, and wisdom.

It doesn’t take special talent or genius to see that our current systems have reached their limit of effectiveness. Anyone can see that restructuring is the order of the day, no longer an option but a necessity—an inevitability. Everything that isn’t working well anymore is being exposed – from the banking system and money markets to legislative bodies and trade relations. From health care to manufacturing, food production methods to corporate integrity, the either/or world of polarizing ideologies and limiting ideas is breaking down. In this era of transition the list of excesses and waste, irrelevance and irreverence rolls on, ever available for your reading pleasure on your blog of choice.

Fret not, friends…this is good news!

The chaos reveals where we need to make the necessary corrections and changes to get our foundations secure, sustainable and successful in a new way. Restructuring doesn’t mean throwing everything out that you have built and developed; it means using what you have to new advantage; it means editing, organizing, and improving for change.

It doesn’t take special talent to see the obvious however it does take conscious awareness to read the subtle energy trends guiding the overall process so we can use the energies beneficially.

It is not by chance that the buzz at the 2009 Consumer Electronics show was tech-gone-green or that the auto show heralded electric cars. It is no fluke that the change candidate has been elected, the visionary leader open to restructuring the country’s transportation systems, energy resources,and global relationships.

It is not arbitrary that a huge study is being done to determine the connection between what mothers-to-be eat and the chemicals they are exposed to and the affect of them on their child’s health. It is not whimsy that researchers are studying how the presence of purpose and meaning in children’s and teens’ lives affect their positive development. We are in a cycle of fixing and changing what’s not working in our systems by thinking about them in new ways.

What about you and me? How does all this "breaking-down-of-the-old-so-the-new-can-emerge" affect us? What are the energies of the time? What is the guidance?

Edit. Restructure. Think in a new way.

The macrocosm reflects in the microcosm. What’s happening in the collective is happening for you and me. It’s holographic. It’s time for us to edit and restructure, letting go of what simply isn’t working, whether what you need to edit are outdated business structures, relationships or attitudes that don’t sync with who you are now.

We can begin by asking ourselves what restructuring is inevitable in our life, in our company, business or organization? Inevitable means it’s going to happen whether we like it or not, whether we participate in it consciously or not.

Once again we paraphrase Einstein’s insight turned mantra: The thinking that got us here isn’t going to get us out of here.

To build new systems and restructuring we need to think in a new way. To create a new system of thinking is very different from developing a new idea or an innovative concept. A new system of thinking means that all your thoughts and ideas and concepts are generated from a completely new framework, a different foundation, a new context, hence, a new world view. The time to consciously evolve our thinking system is no longer approaching; it is here, now. I call it QuantumThink.

Learning to read the energies of the time as a way of life is a vital aspect of new thinking. We aren’t taught to read subtle energies in traditional education (not yet anyway). Let’s not allow that to stand in our way. Let’s have some fun and read the energies together.

Subtle Energy Qualities of the Time

  1. Self-generate – take care of yourself
  2. Be the Authority – take control of what you have authority over
  3. Maintain Focus; Insist on Clarity – remain centered in the midst of chaos
  4. Develop a Restructuring Plan-in-Action – plan to restructure and act on it

QuantumThink-It: Cooperative Self-Effort

Take care of yourself. Everyone else is in the same situation of having to re-assess and restructure areas of their own life and organizations so they’re also busy looking after themselves. Don’t rely on others coming to “save” you. Initiate. When you see something needs to be done, you step in and have it happen.

An aspect of Self-Generating is connecting with your networks of support in collaboration. Cooperative Self-effort is the paradoxical nature of a both/and quantum reality. Even though the mission is to take care of what’s ours, we have never done anything alone and in fact we are more interdependent now in this globally connected world than we have ever been.

Be the Authority in Your Own Life
QuantumThink-It: Flexible Control

This is a time to take control of what we have authority over in our own lives. However, "control" in a quantum world is not the forced push-pull of industrial age mechanical thinking. Control in this sense means using the energy appropriately through being centered, aware and alert to what actions need to be taken—and taking them. Flexible control is like the tree that bends in the wind while its foundation remains strong. Be the leader and take control while at the same time staying flexible allowing for new and unexpected changes to emerge—because they will.

Maintain Focus and Insist on Clarity
QuantumThink-It: Detailed Awareness

When you’re creating "the new" you need to make critical choices or enlightened decisions. Clarity, focus and detailed awareness are necessities for discerning what needs to be edited out to make room for the new to emerge.

Enlightened decisions require awakened thinking—beyond the automatic ways of the past, beyond the culturally conditioned status quo, and not limited by prevailing circumstances.

In a state of Detailed Awareness it will be clear to you what needs to be fixed, what needs to change, what needs to be organized, what needs to be made healthy again. Insist on clarity from yourself as well as from others. They’ll be grateful to you.

Develop a Restructuring Plan-in-Action
QuantumThink-It: Comfortable Unknown

If you realize the essential energy of the time is restructuring, organize yourself and create a plan. This is not a time to sit back and wait for some lucky chips to fall into your lap. It is a time to be alert to opportunities and take action—especially when you’ve never been here before and the results are uncertain. Get comfortable with what is yet unknown to you.

Note: There’s some old world view thinking going on about "change"– that change is unknown and therefore uncomfortable and therefore people tend to resist it or even fear it. Allow me to suggest that this "concept" is not "truth" but simply an outdated vestige of industrial age thinking that held the world as fixed and solid – so therefore "change" didn’t quite fit in. When you realize the essential nature of reality is energy in constant flux, always moving and changing, you can simply be at home with the unknown.

These are exciting, exhilarating times. Let’s all listen to its intelligence! If each one of us heeds the energies to consciously restructure what is ours, imagine how the whole world will improve!