I sat down in my first class seat on Delta Airlines just as the pilot's voice piped in over the intercom: "Welcome to Delta Airlines. We'll be taking off shortly for JFK and expect an on time arrival..."

Now, before I finish the story, I want to ask you, as you were reading that first paragraph, whose voice did you hear as the airline pilot? Did you hear a man's voice or a woman's?

Hmm... That's very revealing as to where our culture's mindset still is-and where your mindset is too! Shifting that belief is my goal in this Princess message!

Now back to the story...

The female pilot finished her announcement with a cordial, "So, sit back and enjoy the flight." Almost immediately I heard a woman in front of me lean over to the man sitting next to her and say, "Oh crap, I get nervous when it's a woman pilot. Flying a commercial plane is a man's job!"

I sat there, stunned. To think that comment would be made by a female, a businesswoman flying first class was shocking! But she said it-and in doing so declared to every person on that plane and to the invisible, subconscious "ear of the universe" that women don't belong in leadership positions!

What about you?

What are your core beliefs about women in leadership positions?

You have the power to transform the world by the thoughts and beliefs you hold, the words you speak, and the space you create for women's success.

What would the planet look like if every woman (and man) reading this made a commitment to adopt empowering beliefs about women in leadership? Wow! I see a world where even more women are working side by side with men to discover cures for diseases. I see a world where more women are working side by side with men to protect our rights and freedoms. I see a world where even more women are partnering with men to promote peace and unity in our political field.

Do you see it too?

One of the breakthroughs for women that would cause a phenomenal shift on the planet is a breakthrough with money.

Do you ever wonder why so few women plan to be millionaires? Women take emotional risks all the time. Women take physical risks all the time. Why don't they take more financial risks? Most women rent when we should buy. We think "jobs" when we should think "careers." And we lose several good years of saving or investing in our twenties while we're searching for Mr. Right!

Maybe it's because we've been programmed since birth, from our fairytales, novels, magazines and television shows, to believe that men make the money and women marry into it.

Think of yourself when you were ten years old. Did you want to be a millionaire when you grew up? When you were a little girl playing with your dolls, did you play house where your mom doll went to work and built a million-dollar company?

Hah! I can just see it now...

Two five-year-old little girls are playing with their Barbie collection when one of the little girls motions her Barbie to say, "Ken, guess what? My company's stock reached its highest level today. Let's go out and celebrate!" And the other little girl motions her Barbie to say, "We're opening up our seventh store next month in Paris! Do you want to invest in my company?"

Why don't little girls play business instead of house? The answer to this also answers the question: Why don't women plan to be millionaires-or billionaires?

Reality #1: Our Families Didn't See Us as Millionaires

Women rarely talk about how much money we make or what would be our best business strategy to create mega-wealth. People seem to think that when a man discusses earning strategies, he is being heroic-but they're not as comfortable when a woman does the same. Why is that?

You can shift this limitation in your beliefs, thoughts and behaviors.

Believe woman can and should build lucrative businesses. Believe it is your calling to become a multi-millionaire. Think about how you can create more wealth. Maybe it's growing your business or creating more avenues of income. Maybe it's investing in real estate, stocks and bonds. Maybe it's all of these. Be a woman who is passionately interested in making money, growing her financial portfolio and crafting a plan to create wealth.

Let's talk about another reason women limit their wealth potential.

Reality #2: You Don't See Yourself as a Millionaire

Let's do a little exercise. I want you to picture in your mind a rich person. Do you see that rich person in your mind?

Now, I want you to picture another rich person. Picture in your mind another rich person. Notice as much as you can about them.

Finally, picture a third rich person. Notice that rich person. Describe as much about that person as possible.

Look back at your three people and ask yourself some revealing questions.

1. Were you one of your three rich people?

If not, why not? Until you see yourself as a rich person (even before you are), you can't become this person. Taking this small step of seeing yourself as wealthy (even before you are), is a powerful technique and supports the Law of Attraction that we'll talk about in my Webinar.

When you tell yourself you are a wealthy woman, your posture will be different. You'll walk more confidently. You'll handle challenge better. You'll treat people differently. And you'll begin attracting opportunities for creating wealth.

Incorporating this simple habit into your life creates huge results. Make a commitment to visualize yourself as a wealthy woman every day and repeat,

"I am a wealthy woman!"

2. Were your three rich people all celebrities?

This reveals that your subconscious belief is that wealth is for the super-human, bigger-than-life kind of person, not regular, everyday folk like you and me. Shift this belief by doing some research. Find some wealthy women who live in your community, work in your company, attend your church, or are members of your clubs. Invite them for coffee, interview them, and get to know them. See them as someone just like you-because they are.

3. Were your three rich people men?

This is also very revealing to where your subconscious belief is about women millionaires. While there are many men millionaires, the women millionaires count is growing like the morning Starbuck's line!

Get on the path to wealth development now; doing so promises to be the best personal development program you will ever follow a great example for your children. No matter what speed you choose to take in creating wealth, it all begins with you seeing yourself as a wealthy woman.

My hope for you is that you powerfully take on shifting your beliefs about money, success and being a millionaire or a billionaire! Watch what you say about women and wealth. Your words create your world! You can shift the reality of women across the globe by speaking words of wealth for your women colleagues and for yourself. Realize that the most powerful thing you can do for the next generation of women (and men) is to become a wealthy women yourself! Open the world of possibility to others by opening it up for yourself first.