It started out like any other Sunday morning. My wife Stephanie, daughter Allie and myself got in the car to drive twenty minutes to morning church service. The radio was still on from the night before, playing low in the background. WLW in Cincinnati, I had been listening to the Reds play the Giants out on the west coast on my drive home from the office late Saturday night.

A special report came on the radio and none of us were paying conscious attention to it. I can vaguely remember something about a crash and Lexington, Kentucky. When the report ended, I asked my wife and daughter, did they just say something about an airplane crash in Lexington Kentucky?

Neither of them had consciously focused on the report or heard anything. I immediately changed the channel to a local Lexington station, and for the next 18 minutes all three of us listened in shock as the tragic details of that morning were revealed. Of course our pastor started the service with a prayer for the families after we arrived at church.

When the service was over, everyone was buzzing about the details of the morning. We went out to eat with my parents as we normally do every Sunday during lunch time. When talking about the crash my dad kind of summed it up by saying "That is why we all need to learn to live life to its fullest everyday".

My thoughts were everywhere. I thought about how many times I had personally taken that exact same flight the 6:10 AM from Lexington to Atlanta. How none of us are promised tomorrow, and what my dad had said about living life to its fullest.

It was at that point that I became overwhelmingly thankful that I had been able to spend 27 years of my life within the network marketing industry. One of the greatest benefits of network marketing is it gives everyone who participates the opportunity to live a "life of significance".

Please stop and think about that. There are a lot of professions where you can make a great income. However, how many of those professions also allow you to touch the lives of so many other people in such a powerful way? Not very many! Other than the ministry, I can think of no career that gives each of us the opportunity to make such a positive impact on the lives of our fellow human beings.

Most network marketing companies offer products and services that can make a major difference in the lives of some people. Think about some of the testimonies you have heard about your product line. Some people have almost been brought back from the dead with some companies nutritional products. How would you feel if you were the one who shared the product with that person? How can you put a dollar value on something like that?

Look at the tens of thousands of people whose financial lives will never be the same because of network marketing.

The lifestyle, cars, vacations and freedom our profession offers are awesome. But when our life here is over, what is going to really matter is "Were we able to make a positive difference in the life of others?" Letís all be grateful that network marketing gives each of us the opportunity to live a life of significance.