I signed up as a consultant with my company on November 18, 1972. Little did I know that I was not only making an incredibly positive change in my own life, but that I would also have the opportunity to help women around the world.

I have seen so many women from all different backgrounds come into this wonderful business and make fantastic money. The products and styles may differ, but there is one thing always in common: the more you help others get what they want the more you ultimately receive.

Why do we offer our products and programs to everyone we can reach? Because we believe in what we’re offering. We are confident that our products will enhance some aspect of their lives, confident that when a plan is set, put in motion and worked consistently, our program can bring them financial success. And there is nothing more gratifying than helping others succeed.

Yes, the income potential in direct sales is unlimited, fabulous. But that alone would not be enough. The gift of direct sales has also empowered me to be a person of contribution.

Making a contribution is the fuel that keeps me going.

Some of my greatest memories are of times I have given of my time, skill or money. Times where I could feel that I was making a difference. Those times when I make a conscious effort to be about service, I find my mental and physical energy is always recharged.

I have set my life up so that I am always tithing, in terms of both my money and my time. I don’t do this in order to receive…but still, it comes back to me so many times more than the amounts I give.  

I often describe a picture I have of all of us sitting on our porches some day, rocking in our rockers, thinking of days past. We will all have huge smiles on our faces, because we’ll know that we have made a positive difference in the lives of our own families and in those of hundreds and thousands of women and their families as well.

Why is direct sales growing each year? Because more people every day are finding a product that fills a need, finding something they believe it, then passing it on—and in the process, becoming people of contribution.

If all the world could be about service—about finding a need, filling it and passing it on—what a beautiful world it would be.

That’s the world you and I are creating.

DYAN LUCERO is a 33 year veteran of direct sales and currently the President of a direct selling company.