Over the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to speak at generic network marketing training events, where I have often asked the audience, “What kind of business are you in?”

The answers are as diverse as the people in attendance. I hear everything: “Weight loss…tele-communications…legal services…liquid nutrition…” and the list goes on and on.

As you read this, I ask you now: What kind of business are you in? My response to your response will probably be the same as my response to my live seminar audiences: “You are all wrong!”

You are not in the weight loss business, telecom business, or any other product or services business — you are in the leadership development business.

Yes, you may market an awesome product or fabulous service. Chances are excellent, you do. But if you plan on creating a significant six-figure income in this profession, you have to get this straight: your mission is to develop leadership!

If your business is a hobby or very spare-time business for you, then you can simply have some fun sharing the best product or service of its kind in the world. However, if your purpose is to build a huge organization, then you need to become very focused and very clear about what you are doing.

Your job is to expand your personal leadership capabilities and help others do the same. You are in the leadership development business.

Leadership is the highest paid profession in the world. Think about what Lee Iacocca was worth to Chrysler corporation — not for his ability to sell cars and trucks, but for his leadership!

Don’t read books on nutrition. Don’t read books on telecom, weight loss or legal services. Read books on leadership!

Think about the big money earners in any network marketing organization. Are they paid the big bucks because they are great salespeople? Or because they provide inspiration, motivation, encouragement and leadership to a large organization of people?

Case proved!

I know there are thousands of distributors who are involved in our profession because they feel an obligation to share their product with people they love and care about. I understand that and very much respect that. However the reality is, the number of people you will be able to touch indirectly with your product by providing leadership to an entire organization is a thousand times greater than the number you can reach by simply sharing your product one on one.

I can hear many of you now. “Dale, are you trying to say I shouldn’t be sharing my product with everyone I come in contact with?” Absolutely not! I am simply saying that if you want to make the most positive impact on the most people and develop the large incomes that others have developed, you must understand this:

You are in the leadership development business!

Have a great Fourth of July with your family — and make this summer as productive as possible!

— Dale