The first requirement for a great start in network marketing is motivation. Everything gets done faster when you are clear on why you are doing it. Do you have an important goal? Without it, we nearly always end up procrastinating over the things we should be doing. An important goal does not have to be big, it just has to be important to you.

The second requirement is action. In all companies, we see at least two patterns: one that successful distributors follow and one that wannabes follow. The tricky part is that the second one always sounds more appealing (no work, online marketing only, get rich fast, etc.). Make sure you follow the pattern of those who are succeeding.

Here is a checklist that works for me and my team:

1. Homework assignment. New business partners need to take responsibility for their own success. Create independence from Day 1 by asking them to make a list, set goals, read the Get Started booklet and watch the online training.

2. Get Started meeting. If at all possible, meet face to face, as this ensures the most efficient communication. If that’s not possible, do it over the phone.

3. Contact list. Begin with thirty names and gradually expand the list to a hundred. Then prioritize a top-thirty list for customers and a top-thirty list for distributors. We are in network marketing, so our job is to do what marketers do: identify the right people and approach them to find customers and distributors for our product.

4. Contact and invite.
The main bottleneck between new distributors and their success in network marketing is contacting. Here is the system I teach:

a. Greet people and get them in a positive mood.

b. Invite them to a meeting, specifying time and place.

c. Say why you want to meet. 

d. Answer questions by saying you will give the full answer when you meet.

e. Confirm the meeting.

5. Present and acquire customers. Give new people a short presentation and help them sign up customers. Customers create social proof for the product, which builds your new partner’s confidence. My rating system for meetings is A for an online presentation or three-way call, AA for a group presentation and AAA for a face-to-face short presentation.

6. Follow up. The same rating system applies to follow-up meetings.

7. Connect. Hold three-way calls or meetings with your upline and with local people who are actively building the business. Creating community is very important.

8. Event pipeline. Invite new partners to business presentations, business planning sessions and company events.

9. Use the tools. Follow the virtual training system with CD’s, DVD’s and books.

10. Make friends. Build the relationship to the point where you become your new partner’s best friend.

This system has made millions for others and it can do the same for you!

At age 34, FINN ØRJAN SAELE already has a
sixteen-year network marketing career. He is the author
of three books that have sold a total of more than
100,000 copies. Today he is a network marketing company
co-owner and is building an organization together with his
wife Hilde. Ørjan is also co-owner of and consultant
for several traditional businesses.