The first and most important goal you must accomplish in getting new distributers started is to establish their “why.” Network marketing is a personal development journey masquerading as a business opportunity, so it is absolutely crucial to help new people verbalize why it is they are committed to achieving success. Rekindling their ability to believe in dreams is paramount to helping them develop plans to achieve them.

When getting new people started, I spend a lot of time asking questions and helping to ignite a deep, burning passion inside that will help them overcome the obstacles they will invariably encounter on their path to success.

Making dream boards and writing purpose statements help to solidify visually and subconsciously the many rewards that will result from

focused, consistent and carefully planned action.

The next most critical step is to convey to people the importance of becoming coachable. In our profession, we can only lead by example. As a leader, you must practice what you preach. By watching you, new people will start to see how it makes no sense to try to re-invent the wheel—especially if a clear pathway to success is identifiable.

Keep it simple and do not give mixed messages. Complicating the system will only make it more difficult to duplicate effectively. The following proposition has worked well for us:

“Why don’t you make your first million our way, and then, if you think you have a better way, make your second million your way.”

Teach people to drop their filters and surrender. Our business is very different from the traditional models most businesspeople have been trained in before entering our profession.

The last two pieces of the getting-started process are helping your new distributors build belief in themselves and belief in the profession. This is where the personal development journey takes off.

I came from a medical background with no understanding of the sales profession. Yet upon initial exposure to network marketing and its ability to provide extraordinary leveraged incomes for people of all backgrounds, I was hooked.

It is absolutely essential that you help your new members understand the power of this business and the power of belief by encouraging them to read and/or listen to the best resources available. This will help reprogram the mind and counteract the negative influences most people have been exposed to prior to embarking on their own journey in network marketing.

Show your newbies that our business is a truly limitless endeavor that will make them more of who they are, challenge them to grow, and provide the opportunity to manifest endless benefits; that by joining a network marketing organization they can impact the world in a much more powerful way than they could ever do by themselves. Once they truly understand this, they will never go back.

PAIGE RIFFLE lives in Santa Barbara, California,
with her husband Laird, daughter Cierra and son Duncan. 
Paige holds a Masters degree in speech pathology
and has been in network marketing for 17 years