You’d think that, with the low start-up cost, turn-key systems, upline support and potential earnings our profession offers, more people would succeed, but it’s not that easy.

How you launch your business will determine whether you become a shooting star that fizzles out or rising star that lasts.

In my thirty-three years of experience in network marketing, I’ve found that the first three presentations, the first three events exposures and the first three months in the business are the most crucial for new distributors. During that time, make sure you let them know they are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Like a parent helping a child ride a bike, run beside them with your hand on the bike, then gently let go so they can experience the thrill of success on their own.

As leaders, we paint the picture of our opportunity’s benefits and lifestyle through our own testimonies. However, the #1 question going through our new distributor’s mind is, “Yes, but can I do it? Can I succeed?”

How many people would you sponsor if you knew they couldn’t fail?

Instill trust in your new distributors that they can learn the skills they need to become competent and confident. The best way to accomplish this is to shift from training them (which puts the responsibility on you, the sponsor) to coaching them (which puts the responsibility to learn on them).

The best way to learn is to practice. Have them role play, give feedback, then have them practice the skills they’ve learned. Make this coaching approach an important part of your success system.

Another key element of a successful system new partners can plug into is culture. Let your code of ethics be the foundation of your launch. The Golden Rule works wonders in every culture and will continue to elevate our profession.

Having a strong culture in place from the start creates sustainability and a feeling of community. New people will feel as though they found their “tribe.” The integrity you demonstrate will keep them involved and build trust, even when they encounter dream stealers and other obstacles.

New distributors often make one of two mistakes: they either jump right into activity before they’ve been plugged into the system, or they feel they have to earn their Ph.D. in the business before they start any activity.

This is an “earn as you learn” business. But the magical ingredients to getting started right are passion, enthusiasm, dedication and massive activity. When a rocket is launched into orbit, it uses the majority of its fuel during take-off. The same applies to your network marketing business. When you fill your calendar with massive activity, it will give you momentum. Momentum naturally increases your skills, because you’re practicing more. When your skills increase, your confidence grows. That confidence sets in motion the law of attraction that will grow your organization and your paycheck.

DONNA JOHNSON has been a top earner and mentor in network
marketing for thirty-three years. A former swimming coach,
she enjoys coaching people to swim to the top of their network
marketing business. Donna lives in Arizona, Wisconsin
and Jamaica, but she also regularly finds time to travel
the world and visit the orphanages she and her team support.