Starting strong in network marketing is a double-edged issue, because not only do you want to get started right, you also want your new people to be able to duplicate the process immediately.

Ideally you should have a standardized procedure to follow, with each different step completely spelled out in a tool such as a workbook, CD, DVD or online tutorial. Getting everyone started with this kind of system will ensure consistency, which will provide you with better duplication through all levels of your team.

Some things to include in this training resource are:

After your new person has gone through this basic training, it’s time to start building culture.

To strengthen your product culture, I recommend a basic training program that shows new people how to use the products and the best ways to present them.

In my organization, we also include ten Core Qualities that we work very hard at integrating into our team system. These include principles such as doing the right thing, being a product of the products, practicing daily self-development, etc. As with every aspect of our business, your launch is not so much a question of how well it works for you, but how readily it can be duplicated down the team. Having a standardized fast-start training can make a huge difference for your long-term growth.

Another element that will affect long-term growth is retention.

I believe you make or break your new team members in the first two weeks—and the first forty-eight hours are critical. If you can get people into action and they see some results right away, the chances they will hang around go up dramatically. If they don’t get into action fast, your dropout percentage will be quite high. Having a solid resource available to help this process will keep more people in during the difficult early days.

Get your new people in action, start them on the path to positive results, and you’ve got a great head start to success!

RANDY GAGE is a tireless champion of
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