The most important task in getting new distributors started is to plug them into a system that will serve as their sustenance while they plant themselves firmly into the company culture.

Decreasing the lag time from when a new person signs up to when they break into action is critical, as is creating a sense of urgency.

Optimally, there will be a short training system in place that all new distributors go through before approaching any of their contacts. Letting new enrollees go out and talk to people too soon, without proper understanding and support, can seriously hamper their chances of recruiting some of their very best warm market prospects.

This duplicable training system should incorporate such staples as putting your candidate list together, determining the best tools with which to reach out, the importance of upline support, three-way calls and the like.

When compiling your list, it’s important never to prejudge anyone. Realize it’s your obligation to inform your contacts about your new business, then let them decide if they want to join. If you choose not to tell them, then you’ve already made the decision for them.

Make sure to discuss income goals and time commitments so you can set reasonable expectations. Unrealistic expectations have killed more distributorships than most anything else in our business. This is a business, not a hobby, and like anything worth building, it will take time.

I recommend new distributors immediately begin to read books such as The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki to help them understand the importance of consistency, whether they work the business part-time or full-time, as well as the inherent power of network marketing—and why and how it works so well.

Once they have completed the preliminary training, it’s time to reach out. Helping your new enrollee score (by acquiring a new customer or distributor) within a short period of time dramatically increases retention rates, so the faster you can make this happen, the better.

Be careful not to get too caught up in understanding the full compensation plan, but rather focus on taking the first step. Normally a plan has a position that serves as a building block for the rest of the plan. Attain that position and then teach others to do the same in order to rise through the ranks.

For those who truly desire success and are willing to work and make sacrifices, pursue attaining that position as if your life hung in the balance. To maximize commissions, duplicate the highest auto-ship level. Remember, your team will always do what you do.

Finally, be sure to attend all events, including conference calls, webinars and as many live trainings as possible. Incorporating all these simple steps early on increases the new person’s chances for success by planting the seeds and growing the roots that can create a lifetime of residual income.

COREY CITRON recently cofounded a network
marketing company for which he is also the chief
marketing officer. He is a top earner in the network
marketing profession and is widely
known as an internet marketing pioneer