We can’t always predict what will happen once we sign up a new distributor in the business.

Sometimes I’ll sign someone up and leave for an extended trip, only to come back and find they have already sponsored their first three new people, have registered for the convention and are on their way to their first promotion.

I have others whom I personally coached, invited to an all-day training with our founder, helped make their list and to whom I’ve offered to do three-way calls—and yet, three weeks later, they still haven’t done one thing.

I can’t explain this. Years ago, I stopped trying to figure it all out.

I do have a responsibility to help new enrollees get off to a great start. I’ll make myself available to help them get going, but ultimately it is up to them to build the business.

I make sure I do what I want them to do after I do it with them. (You may want to read that sentence again.) I want them to use the product, make a list and introduce the business to others. I then want them to sign up new customers and distributors and help the new distributors do exactly the same thing.

The quicker I can get them to do these simple things, the faster their business will grow. They will learn the “details” later. I want them to get started and experience some immediate success.

The key to fast growth is a simple start. I apply the “8-year-old” test: if an 8-year-old can do it and teach it right away, then the message will transfer quickly from one person to the next, creating fast growth. If it takes a lot of time and energy to learn the system because it is complex, some will do it, but most won’t. Your growth will be limited.

Here are basic things I do with new distributors:

1. I make sure they know how to use the product or service and that they are committed to using it daily. If they use it, they will love it and want to share it with others.

2. I make sure they have some sort of list of people they can contact about the business.

3. They must have a way to share the product and/or opportunity with others.

4. They need to know how to sign someone up and help them get started.

I usually help new sign-ups with their first two or three presentations. As they watch me do the presentation, they see how simple it is and they say to themselves, “I can do this!”

It always comes down to the question, “Can an 8-year-old do this and teach this?” This is not to insult the intelligence of the adults you show the business to, but most people have busy and complex lives, and if they can’t get going quickly, they usually won’t get going at all.

JORDAN ADLER didn’t make a penny in network
marketing until his twelfth company. After eleven attempts
in ten years, he finally figured it out and today he makes
seven figures per year. Jordan is the author of

Beach Money: Creating Your Dream Life through
Network Marketing, a book that teaches
people the fundamentals of the business.