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Summer Specials
Most Americans (maybe even you) are over their ears into credit card debt... How could this happen in one of the richest countries in the world?
U R Pre-Approved DVD 2 copies
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U R Pre-Approved™ is a feature-length, entertaining and hard-hitting documentary about the tantalizing world of credit cards and the shadowy forces controlling them.
Since we first introduced the movie, we've heard from many of you who have seen it, saying you'd love to get it into the hands of friends, family, and team members. 

We listened and created a special offer for you.

We are dedicated to educating our community about financial literacy and providing them with the tools to build financial freedom. That's why this week we are also offering you the U R Pre-Approved DVD FREE with a 6-issue subscription or renewal to Networking Times

U R Pre-Approved DVD FREE with a 6-issue subscription
Buy Now

Discover what YOU can do to protect yourself, your family, your friends... and your wallet. See and hear (for yourself) what you should know that they haven't told you. It's as easy as watching this film. After all, U R PRE-APPROVED!™

"Cash or Credit?" will never sound the same!    
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