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Networking Times'
Lifetime Leadership Loyalty Program

Lifetime Leadership Loyalty Program

Earn 1000 points, become a Lifetime Leader of Networking Times!

  • Receive a lifetime subscription to Networking Times!
  • Be listed, in bold at the top of the Liftetime Members list

Our magazine has been growing by leaps and bounds. We especially appreciate our community members' support of our magazine and involvement in our little (soon to be BIG) community of networking professionals. Many of you have even been telling your friends and peers about Networking Times.

Thanks to your word of mouth efforts alone, in our first year on the Web we have had close to a million visits, and have served over 11 million hits. That's over 80,000 people, 916,000 hits on our site every month!

We wanted to come up with a program to show our gratitude and support for our community members, so we are offering an opportunity to earn Lifetime membership to Networking Times. Just do what you've been doing -- tell your friends about the best magazine on Networking.

Every time you refer a friend to subscribe for 12 issues, you earn 10 points. Every time you shop online with us, you earn 1 point for every $20 you spend on products. Earn 1000 points within 1 calendar year (between January 1st to December 31st), and you'll get Networking Times for the rest of your life without ever paying for a subscription again. AND get your name published at the TOP of our Lifetime membership list every month in Networking Times. How's that for exposure?!

Point System

Bring In:Points:
12 Issue Sub10
6 Issue Sub6
Online Sub4
$8 Sub2
Every $20 in products purchases1


100Coupon for 10% off next purchase
250Coupon for 10% off next purchase + One 12 Issue Subsciption (for yourself or give as a gift)
5005% off all purchases for 1 year + Two 12 Issue Subscriptions (for yourself or give as a gift)
1000Lifetime Membership + 10% off all purchases for 1 year + Four 12 Issue Gift Subscriptions

* The rules of this program are subject to change. Please visit the Loyalty Program Official Rules.

Sign Me Up

Interested? To read the official rules for the Loyalty Program, click here. Or if you are ready to sign up, just click on the big button on the left!

Existing L3 Program members, please log in below:

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We built some tools especially for you, so you can keep track of the number of subscriptions you help generate - But please be sure to sign up for the loyalty program BEFORE using them:

Score Card: Keep track of the number of points you've earned. You'll see a break down of all the subscription you helped bring in, as well as the amount of points earned through your purchases.

Banner and Links generator: Create customized links to our site. Each link we generate for you is encoded with your customer id (as long as you are logged in). Email the link to your friends and family. Post it on your website. We even have banners and buttons you can download and use.

PDF Subscription Form generator: Create downloadable PDF subscription forms encoded with your customer id.

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