A Wealth of Tools

By Kathleen Deggelman

Kathleen Deggelman

The online world has changed everything about building our business for the better. When I started in our profession 10 years ago, we had three main tools: home parties, three-way calls, and one-on-ones. We just did those things over and over.

Today, we have those traditional tools and many new ways to build. The Internet and technology have made the world much more accessible. We use Skype, Zoom, texts, Facebook messages, Google hangouts and YouTube videos to reach out to prospects. We can reach even bigger audiences when using marketing dollars on social media platforms.

I can’t imagine building a team culture today without Facebook. Our team’s Facebook group page has become the go-to place to communicate, promote, inspire, and connect with each other. It is so fun. If we can’t meet someone in person, our group page has given us the opportunity to get to know each other anyway! It’s also made it much easier to get to know new people.

We can never again say we’ve run out of people. That is just no longer possible. And have you noticed how just about everyone reads texts and gets back to texts quickly? We teach our team to reach out to 100 people via texts in their first 30 days. It gives newbies an easy way to connect with their contacts—and often some quick wins.

Network marketing is the perfect business in our increasingly technological world. I fell in love with this profession 10 years ago before we had all these great new tools and I have fully embraced the changes.

For the first time, you can truly build a global business from home. The tools we have available are incredible. Home parties are great, but not everyone wants to do them. We have a lot more choices now for how we build and what tools we use.

I love both the traditional and the new tools we have in our proverbial tool box. There has never been a better time to take advantage of what a home-based business has to offer, locally as well as globally. I love not being dependent on one economy.

The online world has also changed the personal development part of this. Investing in yourself and continually fine-tuning your skills is so much easier now. Before, you had to travel to and pay for on-site events. Today, there is lots of quality content available online, and you can live-stream events you can’t attend physically.

The technology we have available helps equalize the learning opportunities. Everybody has access to these wonderful tools. It is up to us to use them. Never before have there been so many things converging to help people become successful entrepreneurs and build in a global home-based business.

KATHLEEN DEGGELMAN came to network marketing after working for 20 years in corporate America. Kathleen has worked with only two companies during her 10 years in the profession. She has consistently been at the top of the pay plans and her current business spans over 50 countries. Kathleen resides in San Francisco and Vancouver Island with her husband and three kids. Her passions include cooking, health, mentoring, teaching financial literacy, and travel.

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