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If you are in MLM, direct sales or the party plan business, or if you own a home-based business, you've come to the right place.

Our commitment is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners worldwide with the personal and professional development they need, focusing on leadership, relationship marketing, sales skills and financial literacy.

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May/Jun 2015 is all about Financial Fitness and daily habits or "exercise" this requires.

Orrin Woodward explains how network marketing allows us to Escape the Financial Matrix.

Sandy Botkin helps us Be Prepared for retirement and John Solleder shows how to take care of a 4-Generation Family.

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Evolve and Prosper!
- Garrett and Sylvia McGrath
Those who win big in business don't complain about trends or progress; they embrace it and look for ways to capitalize on it.

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Be, Do, and Have More
Presley Swagerty

Here is what I have discovered: you don't have to have amazing abilities to succeed. You can be a common person, and do something uncommon with your life. I have found some principles to winning that worked for people like me, people who have a big heart and a burning desire to be "somebody."

Presley Swagerty - Be, Do, and Have More video

I want to share what I've found with those of you that are like I was a short time ago, wanting to change your life and not knowing how or where to start. If you want to change your financial picture and be successful, then there are three steps to massive success that I want to teach you... see more

The Resilience Factor
Stanley Greene

When struggling with adversity, what enables some business people to snap back while others falter? The answer is resilience, a buzzword in business these days, often mentioned alongside core leadership qualities such as education, intelligence, analytic ability, and integrity.

Of the four qualities above, two are directly impacted by resilience: analytic ability and integrity. Thirty years of research indicate that more than any other factor, including intelligence and education, it's resilience that determines success. Steven Covey has shown how essential integrity is to business, and integrity begins with self-awareness and knowledge of your core values.

Resilience is a vast concept that plays out in all domains of our lives. Research has shown that it is actually made up of seven factors, or inner strengths—Emotion Regulation, Impulse Control, Causal Analysis, Self-efficacy, Realistic Optimism, Empathy, and Reaching Out... read more

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