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The UnHypnosis Method: Overcoming Mental Barriers to Taking Action
e-Learning with Dr. Steve Taubman

Join bestselling author and mindfulness expert, Dr. Steve Taubman as he guides us through a process which will help us rise above limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, and come to a place where taking powerful and productive action becomes easy and fun. This informative session will introduce you to The UnHypnosis Method for success; a process that draws on ancient wisdom principles and cutting edge brain research. Dr. Taubman's programs are widely praised for their wisdom and humor, and his style is authentic, conversational, and engaging. Don't miss it!

Course Benefits:
  • Remove limiting beliefs and ineffective habits
  • Overcome emotions that block your success
  • Take on the beliefs of network marketing masters
  • Clarify your vision and get motivated to achieve it
  • Release your inner sales genius
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