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Getting Results Using the New Online Social Media
Free training seminar with Paul Gillin
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PST) 2008, March 26th

Course Description:
Online communities and personal publishing are reshaping the dynamics of business. Social media like blogs, podcasts, online video and social networks have given voice to millions of people who previously had no outlet for their thoughts and opinions. They’re using the new breed of online tools to connect with others, promote their expertise and develop new businesses.

The world of social media has few rules. Relationships and influence are built through a complex interaction of blog posts, links, comments, e-mail exchanges and profiles. Behavioral and ethical standards are being defined by participants in an ongoing conversation of remarkable breadth and complexity. In contrast to the popular perception of the “blogosphere” as an undisciplined free-for-all, the global community is actually defining a rich set of guidelines that emphasize transparency, courtesy and constructive engagement.

This course offers a guide to the new social media, with particular emphasis on how relationships are built and nourished there and how participants can use the media to expand their contact base, build their personal networks and find new business.

Course Objectives:

  • Start a blog or join a social network with a basic understanding of community norms and protocols.
  • Seek out and leverage opportunities to build your visibility and brand awareness.
  • Optimize online tools to build a rich and compelling online experience that attracts visitors and builds traffic.

There are no available classes at this time.
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System requirements for web seminar software:
Win 2000, XP
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
256 MB of RAM Memory
10 MB of Hard Drive Space on C: drive
56.6 Kbps Dial-up or better Internet Access

Note: Not supported for Macintosh users at present. However, Technical Macintosh users can try to use "Blue Label Power Emulator" or "Virtual PC". Unfortunately we cannot provide assistance setting this up, but users have confirmed that it works.

Note: If your default web browser is anything other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, please cut and paste the web address below into an Internet Explorer Window.

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