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 Networking Times - V.15 No.04 Jul-Aug 2016 Issue
Networking Times - V.15 No.04 Jul-Aug 2016 Issue
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 Making the First Circle Work: The Foundation for Duplication in Network Marketing
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 Making the First Circle Work: The Foundation for Duplication in Network Marketing

by Randy Gage

This powerful little book by Randy Gage is exactly what you need to get duplication really happening all the way through your organization.

Randy shows you the difference between what you really control and what you can only influence. Then you’ll learn how to create the culture that causes true duplication.

It all starts with the first circle - the one that says “you” in it. Discover how to get the right mindset, create ethical culture, increase your volume, “taproot” growth from the bottom up, build with live events, counsel properly and provide strong leadership for your group.

Get the largest quantity you can invest in and get this book circulating through your organization immediately!

“Making the First Circle Work is great — concise and packed with very smart advice for fostering much more helpful and responsible leadership to create maximum, enduring duplication . . . and greater, more satisfying success for many more people in our profession.”

— Art Burleigh, Double Diamond Executive

Paperback, 71 pp

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Each page is like gold! This is one of the best 'how to'
books ever written on network marketing. I want everyone on my
team to read it! I read it on the MLM cruise in one hour. I couldn't put it down!

Jordan Adler, author of Beach Money

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High income, especially reproductive residual income and living a balanced life with greater time and money freedom all come from DUPLICATION. "Making the First Circle Work" covers the basics in a simple and powerful way. This is the book I recommend for my global team. Get it. Read it. Apply it and teach it.

 Rating:   TEXT_OF_5_STARS   


Randy Gage helped me lay down a very foundational principal, early in my career, to always make sure to ask not if it works, but if it duplicates. At our Profession's Mastermind event in Houston, I read "Making the First Circle Work", which will go down as a classic 'must read' for those who want to become successful building a sustainable 'walk away' income. I was also impressed to see the slight 'shifts' that Randy has made in his philosophy, such as embracing the relevance of attracting those who don't want to build a big business, but rather want to use product, and play at a lower level, which is the majority of our organizations. Since this book literally takes less than an hour to read, I'm encouraging my leaders to read it on a monthly basis, as I will! "Making the First Circle Work" is also being merged into our team's system at the early entry level, to really help grasp the importance that ultimately, it's not your upline or your downline that makes the biggest difference, it's 'your line' YOU, the FIRST CIRCLE!

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