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 Networking Times - V.15 No.05 Sep-Oct 2016 Issue
Networking Times - V.15 No.05 Sep-Oct 2016 Issue
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 3 Steps to a Profit-Producing, Downline-Exploding, Million Dollar Successful Day (e-Listening)
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 3 Steps to a Profit-Producing, Downline-Exploding, Million Dollar Successful Day (e-Listening)

with John DiLemme

John Di Lemme designed this course to teach individuals how to build belief in themselves and take the actions necessary to achieve their personal goals, dreams and aspirations. John believes that each person has an undisputable champion trapped inside of them who is full of achievement, and this course is designed to empower the person to release his/her inner champion.


John's main goal for the course is to share specific strategies along with ideas and concepts that will empower people to believe and expect to attain their ultimate vision for themselves. The course will be life-changing for those who are ready and truly have the courage to decide to WIN!

Course Design Plan

The student would begin by developing his/her "Why" card that basically states the individual's ultimate goal/dream in life. After the development of the Why card, the course would focus on building towards the individual's Why through the implementation of daily action steps based on proven techniques in his/her field of expertise. Each of the daily action steps are explained using text, power point presentations and audio clips.

The areas of interactivity include a one-on-one review of the material learned and the opportunity to purchase additional coaching.

Praise for John Di Lemme

John Di Lemme is all heart! John delivers a powerful message based on his experiences as a successful entrepreneur. He doesn't give you theory, he gives you results! I love the fact that John cares enough about people to "tell it like it is." In a manner that is all passion. John "tears it up!"

Jeffery Combs
Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.

John Di Lemme is one of the few who really believes in people. His love to help others and empower them to success is really motivating. When he speaks he uses his unlimited energy to inspire. He is spell bounding. I could listen to him for hours - because he's that good

Zev Saftlas
Author of Motivation That Works and Founder of

John Di Lemme is all about helping you to realize your true potential. His message of overcoming adversity to achieve greatness is truly inspiring, and it will make you want to spring out of bed every morning to go out and make a difference for yourself and others. John, keep doing what you're doing and the world will be a better place for all of us.

Andy O'Bryan and Josh Hinds

This is a self-paced, e-Listening class completed online. This class is approximately an hour in length. You will need Real Player installed on your Windows PC or Mac to access the e-Listening tool. Visit Real.Com to download Real Player for free.

You will have 30 days to complete this 1 hour e-Listening class.

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