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 The 7-Cent Decision (10-Pack)
The 7-Cent Decision (10-Pack)
 Networking Times - V.12 No.06 Nov-Dec 2013 Issue
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 YES Is the Destination - NO Is How You Get There
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 YES Is the Destination - NO Is How You Get There

DVD, 98 min

By Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Armed with six hand-held cameras, the authors Go for No!, Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz, took forty-four days to drive almost 12,000 miles around the country—from Seattle to Boston, from Miami to San Diego—interviewing more than fifty top performers (including Jack Canfield, Art Jonak, Randy Gage, Lisa Jimenez, and many others) to prove a single point: You can achieve virtually ANYTHING you want in life if you are willing to hear 'NO' often enough!

YES Is the Destination - NO Is How You Get There is a 98-minute personal development documentary that will teach you:

  1. Why people fear hearing NO
  2. How top performers interpret NO
  3. Responding to (and learning from) NO

The value of NO

  1. How NO isn't personal
  2. Reprogramming thoughts about NO
  3. Dealing with failure and rejection
  4. Learning from failure
  5. How often you need to hear NO to succeed
  6. The power of persistence
  7. Talent vs. tenacity—which matters most?

And, in the film's finale, Richard & Andrea pull a play right out of the book Go for No! by asking what advice their guests would give to a "younger version" of themselves! It's a road trip like none other... and you're invited along for the ride!

Praise for the Movie:

This Movie gives you the key to unlock your Dreams! - Don and Melinda Boyer

Richard and Andrea have created "The Ultimate Reframe for Success." This movie should be watched and studied—and it's guiding principle embraced—by every person in sales as well by everyone and anyone who has a dream or goal they desire to accomplish. This contrarian approach just might be one of the most important rules you will learn for obtaining YES. - Bob Burg, co-author of The Go-Giver and Go-Givers Sell more

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 The 7-Cent Decision: Creating Your Best Future Through Network Marketing
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