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 Networking Times - V.15 No.05 Sep-Oct 2016 Issue
Networking Times - V.15 No.05 Sep-Oct 2016 Issue
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 Cold Calling College
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 Cold Calling College

by Wendy Weiss

Do you struggle to gain new customers?

Do you spend far too much time and money sending out marketing materials that don't bring in the sales?

Do you feel that if you could only get in front of some prospects you would be able to sell?

Do you feel that if you don't get new customers soon, you may not be in business much longer?

Help has arrived!

Cold Calling College
with The Queen of Cold Calling
in the convenience of your own home or office!

"I was able to reduce the amount of objections and increase the appointment closing ratio.... Yesterday I was able to secure three appointments in one hour by practicing your methods."

Ken Galanaugh
DSI Solutions Inc.

Cold Calling College is comprised of four 45-minute audio CD's along with a comprehensive workbook for each section. Within Cold Calling College you will find every tool that you need to target the prospects most likely to buy, get those prospects on the telephone and have them agree to an introductory meeting. And it includes these extra free bonuses:

  • Free script review. After you have finished listening to all four CD's and have completed the exercises in the workbooks, e-mail your script to The Queen, Wendy Weiss, for a free review and recommendations. (This is a $150 value.)
  • Free, half-hour telephone consultation with The Queen of Cold Calling. Simply e-mail Wendy Weiss to schedule your telephone consultation. The Queen will ensure that you nail those appointments. (This is a $150 value.)

Cold Calling College retails for $250. These two bonuses alone are worth the total price.

Order now:

Still not sure? Read on...

Cold Calling College

Part I: Why Your Customer Needs You
Many of you are new to sales and/or cold calling. Many of you are simply not comfortable prospecting by phone. Some of you ask, "Who should I call?" Some of you feel that you are wasting your time calling everyone in the phone book.

In Part I of Cold Calling College you will learn to:

  • Be at ease speaking with prospects on the telephone
  • Turn the cold call into the introductory call and how your prospects will welcome the difference
  • Find the prospects who are most likely to buy
  • Discover why your customers and prospects need you
  • Identify What Are You Selling? Who Will Buy It? and Where Will You Find Them?
  • Create your "ideal customer profile"

"The day after your seminar, one of our newest sales associates, Pete Smith (who previously had little success setting appointments) started making calls and made three new appointments within the week after meeting you!"

Monica Walsh, Managing Partner
CNS, Creative Network Systems

Order now:

Part II: Getting Past the "Palace Guard"
Are you frustrated because you never speak directly with your prospects? How would you like to have a good answer to, "What is this in reference to?" Are you sick of leaving voice mail messages that never get returned? Would you like to make sure that you reach the decision-maker (not an assistant who says, "I'll ask the Big Boss")?

In Part II of Cold Calling College you will learn:

  • All of the tools that you will need to put a name on the real decision-maker and then get that decision-maker on the telephone
  • Exactly what to say to the "Palace Guard," the secretaries, assistants and receptionists to get them to put your call through to that decision-maker
  • The best times to make your calls
  • How to handle voice mail so that it becomes a secret weapon
  • How to get decision-makers to qualify themselves!
  • To reach prospects that others cannot!

"My team has always complained that they find it difficult to get past the Gate Keepers. After your session yesterday I came back and made a few calls to try out your system...and as you probably know -- IT WORKED! I shared the lessons with my team and now they are trying it out too. It is the simplest thing.... No need for a script or worrying about it getting at all confrontational..."

Nichole Thon, Sales Coordinator
IRON Solutions

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Part III: When They Say "Hello," What Will You Say?
All of your hard work has paid off! You have created your cold calling plan and your "ideal customer profile." You have a system to track all of your leads. You have beaten back the "Palace Guard" and you now have The Big Boss on the telephone--what do you say?

In Part III of Cold Calling College you will learn:

  • To create an introduction, not a sales pitch
  • To craft an appointment-setting script that separates you from the crowd and makes your prospect want to see you
  • "The Script Formula," a modular system that you can use and adapt to any prospect or situation
  • The appointment-setting "Mantra" that will get your prospect to commit to a meeting
  • Answers to any and all objections that your prospects may voice
  • To control your conversations with your prospects
  • How to nail the appointment

"In just a short time, I found myself setting up appointments more easily and with less anxiety. The results were impressive: out of 10 cold calls 2 to 3 people said 'yes' to taking a meeting."

Susan Karlin, President
Suka & Friends Design, Inc.

Order now:

Part IV: It's Not What You Say; It's How You Say It
Eliminating Rejection and Moving Forward

The definition of a "cold call" is that you are calling a stranger. This stranger may be in a good mood, this stranger may be in a bad mood. She may be receptive to you and your products or she may not... you have no way of knowing ahead of time! How then, do you quickly and easily build rapport and engage your prospect so that you can have a quality conversation? And how do you make sure that you do not take any potential rejection personally?

In Part IV of Cold Calling College you will learn:

  • It's not what you say; it's how you say it
  • The secrets of building rapport on the telephone
  • To "hook" your prospect to begin your conversation
  • To get your prospect to hear your message
  • Some tricks (so that your prospect will never interrupt you!)
  • To hear what your prospect is really saying (or not saying)
  • To hear only the "yes's" and never hear "no" again

"I was amazed by how much I enjoyed Cold Calling College and how much I learned.... Your presentation was so easy to understand and kept me interested. Your voice tones made the class pay attention and the way you led by example was easy to follow."

Barb Roker
Swish Maintenance Limited

Order now:

Don't wait! Order now and save money, gain confidence, reach more prospects, close more sales and make more money!

"By applying your techniques, I, personally, am nailing two to three appointments an hour!"

Chris Whiteside, Business Sales Manager

P.S. Cold Calling College is guaranteed to help, right now, regardless of your sales experience or background.

P.P.S. Cold Calling College comes with my personal, total, **100% lifetime** (my lifetime) guarantee. If at any time, you do not feel that your money was well spent, if your confidence level does not increase and your appointment-setting rate does not jump just return Cold Calling College for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

"I am using what I've learned to make the overall process of conducting introductory calls much more effective and enjoying myself and the people I speak with... The overall approach of being perceived as someone of equal business stature is powerful."

Mike Slowik
ADS Retail

Order today. Sell more tomorrow!

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